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I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, but I actually started keeping a sketchbook when I was 11 or so. I was on a road trip with my family, and I clearly remember drawing this character based off of Danny Phantom.
Ghost Girl by anazura
After that, I was hooked on drawing. Even though "June Lydia Clyde" was technically my first OC, Dawn and Air were my first full-length stories. I drew them a lot.

Meanwhile, I spent an embarrassing amount of time looking up anime pictures online, and I realized that most of them came from this one site called DeviantArt. I didn't actually join DA for another few years, though.

When I was 15, I got a laptop with all the birthday/Christmas/babysitting money I had been hoarding for years. That's when I finally broke down and got an account. My first username was "tryandfail." I have fondly dubbed the summer of 2010 "the weaboo summer" because all I did was read manga, attempt to learn Japanese (a short-lived feat), and draw (I worked a lot on Half Pure and Hazardous). After I joined DA (especially that summer), I was obsessed with improving my art. In school, I had always been the best artist my age. DeviantArt changed that. There were so many incredible artists my age on here. A prime example of that was :iconaishaxnekox:. I fell in love with her amazing art and characters, and she was less than a year older than me. :iconmezamero: and :iconyuumei: were also a few of my favorite artists (still are, actually).

In 2011, I discovered Paint Chat. That's where I met :iconmicro19: and :icontradude345:. (Back then, Micro19 went by Martyr94.)
Paint Chat Adventures by anazura
We were instant internet friends. I annoy them often. Believe me, it's great.

Speaking of internet friends, I ended up giving up my username to a few of my friends from school. That was actually a huge step for me. It was the first time I ever let anyone in "real life" see my art. I didn't even let my parents see my sketchbooks. I'm a pretty private person, and my artwork represents the rawest part of my heart. I made the right choice in giving out my username though, though. One of those friends, :iconlily-azalea: has been super supportive, and since then, I've grown confidant enough to show people my sketchbook in real life. I also annoy lily-azalea often, both on DA and on tumblr. She still puts up with me for some reason.

Then in late 2011, I decided to move to a new account. Back then, you couldn't change usernames, and I was sick of "tryandfail." I didn't feel like so much of a failure anymore. It was also a good opportunity to upload everything I've ever drawn ever. We've had problems with wildfires coming close to our house, and I was sick of lugging a dozen sketchbooks around. I wanted to back my drawings up online. So that's why everything, even my most embarrassing ugly works of the past are on here...yeah.

After that, I went through a lull where I didn't draw very much. It was caused by art block, butt tons of schoolwork, and a general lack of interest/motivation. Even though I didn't draw much, I still worked on my stories. I've been developing The BorderDragon Bound, and Ghost Girl (which doesn't actually look anything like the original Ghost Girl above). Don't ask me how many OC's I actually have at this point. It's...a lot.

This year, I've been warming up to drawing again. I didn't have access to a scanner at school this year (I was living in the dorms) so I didn't upload any art for about 8 months. I'm still behind uploading stuff because I'm lazy. That will happen...eventually...probably.

edit: martyr pointed out that i forgot the part when i officially became a #babecollector. that happened recently, although i've always had it in me.
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United States
Current Alias: Anazura
Occuption: Engineering Student
Base of Operations: Colorado
Alignment: Evil
Identity: Secret
- Male
- Age 85
- Green or red eyes, changing as quickly as her intentions
- Thin, white hair

- Making up stories
- Wreaking havoc on her tumblr
- Drawing (still under development)
- Sarcasm

- Tennis
- Chronic fangirling
- Swimming (esp. in large bodies of water)
- 99% of all seafood

Other Important Information:
- May or may not do requests. Further inquiry will yield results
- Responds well to helpful advice

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